Second Nature has developed from the changing demands of customers, as we try to change our everyday choices to consider the planet and help preserve it for future generations. Whilst creating a sustainable fashion brand we have taken careful consideration in creating each collection to not compromise on affordability or style. 

Cotton Plant

The materials used in our products include organic cotton and recycled materials. Organic cotton comes from seeds which have not been genetically modified and without the use of pesticides or fertilisers. Any embroidered products we sell use 100% natural rayon viscose thread, made from wood pulp from sustainable managed forests. Our products are fully GOTS certified. Please see the list below for the other certifications in which our suppliers possess. We take sustainable fashion seriously and extend this to our packaging. For example, you will find our thank you notes printed on recycled paper and our mailing bags produced from recycled materials.

Sustainable fashion does not only concern the material but the workers too. Our suppliers work closely with Fair Wear Foundation to ensure the safety of workers and improve working environments. They provide full transparency of the entire supply chain.


Supplier Certifications:







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